• Content & Product Description Writing

Content & Product Description Writing: Convert a Visitor into a customer

Are you struggling to showcase your products and highlight its amazing features? If yes, you need a help from our e-commerce solutions for the best description to keep your audience engaged.

    How Can Content & Product Description Writing Help You Ignite Your Business With The Right Words?

    If you’re looking for cracking, compelling copy, SEO-optimized matching your customers’ intent, or professional editors to audit your online store, you’re in the right place.

    Get help from experienced content marketing experts who have processed over 100 million words for websites and ecommerce stores, and they still can’t get enough. Overshine your products by crafting copies that pack a punch, entice customers to make a purchase, and drive your desired action.  


    Together, we will work to explore your customer enquires, understand your tone of voice, the message you are trying to convey, and what matters most to your audience. 


    Don’t let your customers think if your product is the best match for them or not! Create persuasive product content, catchy copies, and FAQs that will make the customer trusts you. 


    No matter how many products you offer within your online store, Amazon, or any other ecommerce getaways, access to quality content will help your products stand out.  


    Supercharge your digital marketing strategy with spectacular content that converts and more!

    $+2M Earns in Ecommerce Sales

    65% up in ROI

    109% increase in revenues

    148% increase in transactions

    Our Process to Grow Revenues Faster

    Our product writing service is customized, unique and tailored just for your business. Not fluff copies, only engaging pieces that captivate the audience and serve your business growth funnel. Get access to all different content styles and types, such as press releases, ghostwriting, blog posts, ebooks, white papers, and influencer articles.

    Conduct SEO _Audit_

    Research and Analysis

    Our white-hat techniques are unique and well-established to adhere to Google’s guidelines, meaning you can start seeing your website get a higher rank in Google, gain more exposure, earn more traffic, and receive many orders at a price point that serves your business objectives and budget. But it should start right– that’s why we analyse your website to check out the gaps in your current content strategy and understand your business model, voice and tone. Most importantly, we dig deeper to identify your audience and offer the best message that will make them feel something towards your content assets. Provide informative and engaging content NOW!

    Get Ready with the Right Keywords_

    Conduct a Competitive Analysis

    Our product writing service is top-notch, built upon offering what your competitors are unable to do. Why? Because we conduct a profound competitive analysis to guarantee you get excellent content that adds value to your audience and bridges the gaps in your competitors’ strategies. Reading comments, searching for reviews, and taking notice are just part of our content writing process. Unlike any other agencies, our in-house content writers are marketers, storytellers, strategists, editors, and proofreaders. They strive to create the best content that tailors your unique business goals. Then the first draft will be delivered, and we are open to making adjustments till you get the version that meets your expectations.

    Generate Monthly Reports

    Finalize Your Project

    After doing SEO research to find out the best top-ranked phrases in your industry, creating a description for all your products, and making final edits, you can schedule a meeting to explain your feedback. We will take every single comment into your consideration. Then, your product lists will be ready to be published in your own store or any other outlets. Our process is more powerful than you think because our team believes in the impact of the right words that can attract people, change minds and inspire them to take the right action. Start generating revenues by turning clicks into customers.

    What You Will Get From Our Content & Product Description Writing Service

    Creating content is the art and science of crafting copies that sell your products and entice your customers to trust you. It’s like hiring a salesperson who can reach prospects to convince them to make a purchase.

    • SEO-content
    • Website content audit
    • Content strategy
    • How-to Guides
    • Q&As
    • Listicles
    • Checklists
    • Guest Posts
    • Keyword Research
    • Blog Writing
    • CMS Publication
    • Image Sourcing
    • Lead Magnets
    • Landing Pages
    • FAQs
    • User Guides

    Get A Full Package For PPC Process

    SEO Services

    Increase the performance of your website in search engines and position yourself in the first result pages. Bring tangible results to make a difference. Build a long-term plan for sustainable growth with the help of our SEO experts. Increase your website traffic, boost your brand awareness, lead generation, augment your sales, and stand out from the competition. All of that can be done through the cost-effective marketing tool— optimizing your website and content to make your brand first discovered by the right people.  However, it’s not easy as it looks. The competition for clicks through search engines is growing every day. But we are ready for that!


    Do you have a successful digital marketing strategy? Yes. 

    Do you have a PPC strategy? No. So, you probably don’t have the successful strategy that you think. PPC is an inevitable element of your successful online marketing campaign. It helps you put your website in a place where your potential customers are. Today, there is a blurring of the lines between organic and paid search. So, you need to consider both to implement a TERRIFIC marketing strategy to keep your business competitive. Design, create, and implement effective ad campaigns that attract high-quality traffic and increase return on investment. Pay for only clicks, and let’s elevate your business above and beyond your competitors.

    Social Media Management

    Social media success and influence are married to genuinely creative, original, smart, highly engaging, and helpful content. You don’t have to publish on all social media platforms. You just need to know where your optimal buyers are and make content that expresses their thoughts and connects with their emotions. Social media has incredibly become the most effective marketing way to capture your audience’s attention instantly. As part of your integrated digital marketing strategy, social media marketing should be on top of your activities, combining good planning and creativity.  Statistics show that over 4.5 billion people around the world use social media actively. It’s a market you don’t want to miss out on!

    Web Design Services

    A modern, unique, fast, responsive, and functional website is the best important asset for your digital marketing strategy. It’s your business online gateway that can turn your sales targets into reality and generate qualified leads more than any other channel. It’s also your chance to start building a community and harness credible relationships with your audience. Investing in a website is the most effective approach to having a brand, along with increasing your business visibility and brand awareness. Actually, the benefits of having a website are endless. Still, most importantly, it gives your audience a platform to get access to extensive information about your business and why they should care! Let’s build your own.

    Challenge Accepted

    Let’s Build Your Unbeatable Online Store

    “I have duplicate content on my ecommerce website”

    Do you know that duplicate content can hurt your website ranking more than you might think? Google might consider it spam, and once it happens, you’d consume so much time trying to address the problem and help search engines identify your website again. Writing product descriptions are a HUFF! Yes, we know. But it’s inevitable. So, we will make it for you. And attention, please! It’s not just a product deception showing features and how wonderful your company’s offerings are. Our content team will make sure to conduct key research to understand your customers’ behavior and interests. Then, you will have:

    • An SEO-friendly product list that gets ranked
    • A description that answers your customers’ queries
    • Top-ranked keywords that you can use in your upcoming campaigns

    “People ask too many questions, and I have no time to answer them ”

    Handling people’s queries needs time, energy, and urgency to keep your customer satisfied. As a business owner, you definitely don’t have the time to do so, and your team have a long list of tasks they have to proceed with every day. But what if you create a section of FAQs that includes all common questions and share it on your social media and online store, or Amazon product deception? You will highlight it on your accounts, and when someone leaves a comment or message, you will just post the link. At the end, you will:

    • Offer the best user experience with less effort
    • Save your time for more important business staff
    • Boost your rank over search engines as a reward for your helpful content

    Why Mash

    91% of the MENA population made an online purchase. Our one-of-a-kind approach will help you boost your sales organically through engaging content that will make your audience trust and buy from you.


    We Guarantee

    Outstanding results that will keep your website in a good position over search engines and drive qualified traffic

    A clear action plan including all steps you will take your business through

    Good communication and a BRILLIANT team to work with who have over 20 years of experience in your market

    A content strategy tailored to your business needs and objectives

    An ecommerce website that will be your foundation to set up any campaign to promote your products.

    Learn How to Keep Your Audience Buy From You and Only You

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      Product description in content writing is a type of marketing writing that provides detailed information about a product or service. It typically includes the features, benefits, specifications of the product or service and other relevant details such as pricing and availability. Product descriptions should be written in an informative and engaging way to potential customers. They should also be optimized for search engines so customers can easily find information on a particular product or service.

      Writing a content description is an important skill for anyone who produces content, whether for a blog post, an article, or a video. A content description should provide readers with a clear understanding of what the content contains to determine if it’s something they want to read or watch. 

      When writing a content description, start by summarizing the main points of the content in one sentence. This should be done engagingly to draw people in and encourage them to read more. You should also include relevant keywords to help your content appear higher in search engine results. Finally, highlight unique features in your content, such as images or videos. 

      Before publishing, proofread your work to ensure accuracy and clarity. Content descriptions are often overlooked but are essential for helping people find and engage with your work.

      Want help with your ecommerce store to write a content description for your products? Mashworld has a team of specialists, SEO strategists, and copywriters who believe in the power of words and appreciate your customers’ interests. Let’s work together.

      Writing a report on products and services involves understanding the needs of your target audience and conveying the benefits of what you are offering in a clear, concise way. First, identify the critical features of your product or service most appealing to potential customers. Then, use language that is easy to understand and resonates with your target audience. Finally, focus on how your product or service can somehow solve their problem or improve their life. For example, if you sell a new vacuum cleaner, emphasize its power and efficiency through how this equipment can end all your customers’ problems. Finally, ensure to include relevant details such as price and warranty information. Following these steps, you can create an adequate description for any product or service.

      The content and product description writing services cost can vary significantly depending on the project’s scope. Generally, services charge an hourly rate for smaller projects and a flat fee for larger projects. Hourly rates can range from $25 to $100 per hour, while flat prices typically start at around $500 and can go up to several thousand dollars. Additionally, some services may require a retainer fee before they begin work on your project. 

      When deciding which service to use, it’s essential to consider the quality of the writing and the agency’s experience. Review reviews or ask for samples before committing to any service. It’s also helpful to inquire about additional services that may be included in the price, such as editing or SEO optimization. Ultimately, you want to ensure you get good value for your money and that your content is well-crafted and optimized for search engines. Or you can request your proposal today. Let’s get in touch.

      Be Number One Choice For Your Audience When Purchasing Online