• Ecommerce Affiliate Program

E-commerce Affiliate Program: Deliver Considerable Value

Establish a supreme scaling strategy for you business. Leverage our large and influence networks to reach your audience and design campaigns focusing on deliver results.

    How Can Ecommerce Affiliate Program Help You Turn Visitors into Customers?

    Scale your business. Attract new customers. 

    An ecommerce affiliate program is a strategy where any business that has an ecommerce website pays individuals, agencies, or other websites a commission for promoting a product or service or directing the audience to make a purchase through referral links.


    But why should you start investing in ecommerce affiliate programs?

    As many as 8 out of 10 brands have taken part in an affiliate bandwagon. The largest players plan to collectively inject their affiliate program with more than 19 million dollars annually. 


    But you don’t have to do that! Let’s skyrocket your sales by taking advantage of our networks crammed with potential customers.  


    Rest assured, and be ready to get connected with qualified leads, as we have already segmented the marketplace into different categories based on their interests, demographics, and buying patterns. You will be able to deliver your product to the right audience at the right time, wherever your customers lie.  

    Get exclusive access to bleeding-edge tools and technologies to drive the most relevant prospects to your website.

    Our Process to Stand Out No Matter What

    Work closely with marketing specialists who will be able to target the perfect audience at your doorstep and drive them to your website to make the desired purchase action. It’s time to set your business for success with the standards of today’s market. Let’s break through our affiliate program process.

    Conduct SEO _Audit_

    Reach and Plan

    Each good step should start with a deep dive into what we have and what you need to have. Our strategy for creating your bespoke affiliate marketing includes analysing the current market and your competitor’s activities, performance, and customers’ reactions. Then, we will go alongside a profound digital audit of your existing performance and practices to make sure you implement the best ones. This will unearth where the best opportunities are out there to improve your current strategy alongside picking any quick wins. But it’s only a slight slide of our affiliate marketing process. Our marketing attribution approach has just started…

    Get Ready with the Right Keywords_

    Design and Develop

    After we create the ideal customer persona, you need to uncover each touchpoint in their journey to make a purchase, so whatever their path while identifying your product, our team will make sure to facilitate it happening. However, it’s not easy as it sounds. You need to have a customized affiliate system for your business needs and your unique audience expectations. Our marketing experts will come together to orchestrate the setup process and lay the foundation to launch. You will be involved in this step specifically to manage any migration from your current services, as well as highlight branding and creative guidelines to keep your identity integral with each component.

    Generate Monthly Reports

    Outreach Plan

    Get access to the all-in-one platform to manage your campaigns and evaluate how your strategy is performing. Our affiliate networks qualify us to ensure outstanding outcomes— which include influencers, affiliate media buying programs, Youtubers, partnership marketing, and relevant websites. All of that comes with planning ahead with your marketing activities that organize your programmes at the right time. What will you get? Numbers that go beyond your expectations. Why? Because the data always drive our strategy, whatever we’re working on! Our marketing initiatives will always be supported by a results-driven approach we’ll plunge deep into to analyze your performance forensically and go ahead with a new strategy if you see something that can be better.

    What You Will Get From Our Ecommerce Affiliate Program Service

    Let’s create your strategy to drive forward your brand value and competitive edge from every angle. Capitalise on all relevant digital tools to benefit from your data and analytics for continuous development.

    • A bespoke Platform
    • Affiliate Marketing Dashboards
    • SEO Audit
    • Keyword Research
    • Landing Pages
    • Progressive Plan
    • A Network of Influencers
    • Google Shopping Management
    • Ad Campaign Copywriting
    • Industry Analysis
    • Ad Copy Performance Testing
    • CDP/CXP integrations

    Get A Full Package For PPC Process

    SEO Services

    Having a place on the first result search on Google should be one of your priorities while building your online presence. The practices to enhance your website viability is what SEO is all about, which is an effective and measurable marketing activity for businesses to reach an online audience and improve your online visibility over search engines, along with driving qualified traffic to your website. Our organic reach strategy starts with understanding your target audience, understanding their research intent and finding out the most-top search terms. Implementing this strategy requires investing in tools and the best talents. Thankfully, in Mash World, we have both.

    Email Marketing

    Have emails that get opened, read, and encourage users to take action. Our intelligent email marketing strategy will ensure you will get the results you’re looking for. So, if your open rates are not good enough or they get in decline over time, you need to evaluate many things. First, you need to have an engaging subject line that entices users to open it right away. Second, your emails might take too long to get loaded. Or perhaps you’re struggling with setting up the basket abandonment process. In Mash World, we know the right way to use automation to cut through the hassle of thousands of tasks and stay connected with your audience at the same time.

    Content Marketing

    When it comes to content, our creators are wranglers of words. That’s what exactly you need to have to set your business up for competition and stand out from the noise across different marketing channels. You need a team who can master metaphors to send a message that can resonate for good. Need to send a cold email? We are emperors of all types of letters, including digital ones. Most importantly, no room for speculation. Everything is settled upon a great data-driven strategy to make the most of your resources and start reaping the rewards. Get content that gets supported by a unique storytelling style to keep your audience captivated.

    PPC Management

    Why pay more for fewer results when you can pay for only desired actions?

    Our PPC campaigns, defined by sales, will take your business to the next level. However, we never take any action before conducting a strategy to understand your audience, their behaviours, their research patterns, and top-ranked key terms within your industry and location. So do you need to start managing your campaigns deftly? Let’s partner and get full-service PPC management which has been tried and tested thousands of times. Get the right approach to accelerating sales with the help of our experienced team and digital marketing experts. Get ready for excellence!

    Challenge Accepted

    Have Challenges with Your Ecommerce Program? We Got You Covered

    “My ecommerce website drives unqualified traffic ”

    Many reasons can be behind this issue, starting with poor SEO performance or launching campaigns on the wrong marketing channels. You might not offer good content that resonates with your audience. All of these activities can hurt your ecommerce business. However, we still have a BRILLIANT approach to you that generates amazing results, an ecommerce affiliate program to get connected with partners, public figures, and influencers that reflect your brand values. You will be able to drive relationships with your customers that deliver ROI. Our marketing experts will investigate your ecommerce website by:

    • Conducting keyword research to find out the top-researched key phrases
    • Analysing the most-visited landing page on your website
    • Running an affiliate campaign to magnify your sales

    “My website is buried deep in the search results ”

    The competition gets worse over time. And the worst part is that you don’t compete in only one region. You’re competing for the whole globe. Even if you offer a unique product or service, without a perfect strategy in your hand, our audience will get lost while trying to find you. Technically, they will never get lost; they just find another destination. Your website’s horrible ranking can be solved by a well-laid SEO strategy to identify your target audience. Then you need to create well-targeted content. But what brings a huge difference to your business is to implement an excellent ecommerce affiliate program. You will get:

    • Connected with real partners who remain in complete synergy with your brand identity
    • At least a 30% increase in your ROI, according to the recent studies
    • An increase in your social media community

    Affiliate marketing helps business increase their sales by 30%

    We in Mash World understand the power of word of mouth. Let’s scale your business by taking advantage of the trendiest marketing initiatives.


    We Guarantee

    Transparent pricing packages focused on your only unique needs

    Turning visitors into customers and then into loyal customers

    Creating campaigns helps you to drive traffic and increases brand recognition

    Get access to customized backends to monitor your affiliate program performance

    Leverage large and diverse networks to let your products be seen by the right people

    Take your business to networks filled with interested customers

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      Affiliate marketing is a superb and effective strategy for businesses to increase sales and their customer base. It involves partnering with other companies or individuals to promote a company’s products and services in exchange for a commission.

      It helps you find new customers and tap into your partners’ networks. It also provides the opportunity to gain valuable insights into customer behaviour, which can help inform future marketing strategies. Plus, it’s cost-effective compared to traditional advertising methods, making it a great alternative for all kinds of businesses.

      Ecommerce affiliate programs are an amazing way to increase your exposure and get into your target segments. So, if you have designed your own unique ecommerce affiliate program, you partner with businesses, influencers, Youtubers, or anyone with a channel speaking to your audience. And they will get a commission in exchange. So, all you need to do is encourage an influential network of people based on your research to sign up with the program, contact your unique affiliate link and start promoting your business on their website or social media channels.

      When someone places an order through a link, the affiliate participant gets paid a commission. It’s a brilliant strategy to connect with your audience through people who have earned their respect and loyalty.

      However, it might damage your reputation if you apply it appropriately or choose the right network. 

      No panic! We will connect you with a trustful network that aligns with your values and business model— most notably, who gathers your audience in one place.

      Affiliate marketing is an incredibly effective way for business owners to grow their businesses. It enables you to introduce new segments of the audience, build your reputation, increase visibility and gain valuable insights into what your customers want. In addition, by partnering with influencers, you can tap into their existing network of followers and leverage their influence to drive more sales. It also cost-effectively scales and provides measurable results to evaluate your campaign results.

      Affiliate marketing will help you boost your sales and adjust your segmentation strategy to attract the most relevant audiences. 

      Not enough?

      What about it’s a performance-based approach? That means it’s low-risk with a results-driven strategy to enhance your marketing efforts. Additionally, influencers can inspire you to create content that makes your target audience feel something towards your brand and helps boost brand awareness.

      Launching an eCommerce affiliate program is an exciting way to boost your business and increase sales. First, pick the type of program that suits your needs. You can opt for a pay-per-sale, pay-per-click, or pay-per-lead model. No right or wrong. Just be aware of each module’s pros and cons., so it’s crucial to weigh which one will work best for your business. Once you’ve picked the model for your program, you’ll need to build a system that enables affiliates to join and track their progress.

      That can involve setting up an affiliate dashboard where they can view their earnings, creating promotional materials such as banners and links, and setting up payment methods for commission payouts.

      Finally, you’ll need to spread the word about your program to potential affiliates through social media platforms or email blasts. You can also reach out personally to influencers in your niche who may be keen on endorsing your products or services.

      Need someone who will do this for you? We are here for you. So let’s get in touch to start building your hands-on approach to generate sales that you have planned for a long and need help to make happen.

      Get Sales at Your Doorstep