• Page Speed and Core Web Vitals Optimization

Page Speed and Core Web Vitals Optimization: Retain Your Customers for a Long Time

Gain your customers’ trust by running a functional, well-structured website sends signals to search engines to elevate your business among your competition.

    How Can Speed and Core Web Vitals Optimization Improve Your Conversions With Minor Changes?

    Why Do You Need Page Speed and Core Web Vitals Optimization?

    To have a potent website that appears on the first result page, you need to consider two parts: SEO content writing and technical SEO. The first part requires having highly-optimised content that adds value to your reads and should be well-structured to help search engines read, understand, and recommend to people who are interested in your industry. 


    The second part encompasses a wide range of elements, including page speed and the var web vital scores standardized by Google Search Console.  


    Why sould you care?

    Great technical SEO allows search engines to spot, crawl, render, and index your website. Then, it can rank on the first page only if you give SEO techniques the necessary attention to delivering a strong performance foundation. 


    In terms of page speed, no one wants to check a website that takes a long time to reload. A high bounce rate means that users leave your website quickly after they arrive. This can be a sign that your website is not meeting their needs.


    We will delve into every aspect of your SEO technicality to ensure your website is running smoothly at its full capacity. 

    87% increase in conversion rate by organic reach

    41000% increase in ROI

    2340% increase in new users

    109% increase in revenues

    Our Process to Identify Your Website Errors Quickly

    A website is never finished. You need to provide an ongoing optimization process using a proven strategy crafted around observed human behaviour. Search engines are working aggressively to scrutinize your site to make sure it’s relevant, offering high-quality content and meaningful answers to people’s queries.

    Conduct SEO _Audit_

    Establish an SEO Audit Strategy

    We will review and analyse your current website performance, generate reports from Google Search Console to spot all issues we need to fix, look at the data to prioritize what we should work on, and explain the areas to improve. Then, we start preparing your website for a holistic auditing process. Your account manager will prepare a plan for you, displaying the problems, the solution, and the estimated results. You will invite to a monthly meeting to discuss the work progress.

    Get Ready with the Right Keywords_

    Gather Insights and Plan

    Our team start gathering extra insights about your website performance from different analytic tools. Then, we work immediately to complete a full website audit and monitor how the site is developed and how it’s performing after placing the necessary adjustments. Along with that, we create reports to flag any quick wins and apply them to other website elements and resolve any errors. Our conversion-driven approach to enhancing your website goes into different paths, including testing site speed, optimizing the website for different devices and reducing the bounce rate.

    Generate Monthly Reports

    Analyse Your Page Speed Updates

    When it comes to user experience, it’s all about speed. Any online business can make a difference by optimizing web and security. You have a great chance to increase revenue by more than 100% by just focusing on what invites your customers to delve into your website and what makes them close it insanely. We optimise our secure staging environment to experiment with any technical SEO practices in fill and evaluate the positive influence new amendments will have. Another step in assessing will remain to resolve any unexpected bugs before going live, then retest on the live conditions to avoid any issues.

    What You Will Get From Our Page Speed and Core Web Vitals Optimization Services

    To guarantee running a successful organization, you need to monitor your website continuously, identify issues quickly and resolve any errors, including missing ALT tags, broken links, duplicate titles, URL structure, irrelevant slugs, the XML sitemap and other technical aspects that will definitely affect your ranking. What’s else?

    • First Input Delay (FID)
    • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) /li>
    • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)
    • 404 Error Analysis & Rectification (sitewide)
    • Browser Caching Configuration & Tuning
    • PHP version upgrade
    • Cloudflare CDN Setup & Implementation
    • CSS & Javascript (JS) Optimization
    • Speed index
    • Total blocking time
    • Time to Interactive

    Get A Full Package For Page Speed and Core Web Vitals Optimization Process

    SEO Audits

    We live in a hyper-fast-paced market, moving energetically to keep up, or we will be left behind. That applies to your website visitors as well. Their attention span is short. 

    Every second counts!

    If you lose your visitors shortly, you will lose your potential customers, and search engine algorithms will never work for you. Our SEO audit service will help you find out any website drawbacks quickly before becoming an intricate problem.

    UX Design

    If you’re looking for a website design that turns heads, helps you increase your market share, gain credibility and oust your competitors, our team will be your cup of tea. Get a simple, inspiring, and user-friendly website with a clean design to earn mindshare and improve your leading position. No time wasted here; we’ll customize a visual workbench for your go-to-marketing strategy to enhance long-term success to receive results that go beyond your expectations. Our work is highly focused on an imaginative concept that brings your vision to life using the right illustration and animation elements.

    Social Media Advertising

    Increase your return on ad spend and enhance profitability using our social media advertising solutions. If you want to corporate with a digital marketing partner that talks less and delivers more impact. Leverage Facebook, Instagram, and other paid social platforms to generate revenues, increase profitability, and convert more customers. Our team knows how to set up and optimise full-funnel strategy from starting your brand awareness to growing your brand at scale. Manage your ad campaigns from scratch till receiving qualified leads. Together, we will understand how to scale your ad accounts rapidly to generate more revenues.

    Content Writing

    Our highly skilled specialists and SEO experts understand the importance of constantly keeping an eye on the ever-evolving Google standards, algorithms, guidelines, and trends. Content is one of the most valuable assets in your digital marketing strategy. The persuasive content delivered at the right time to the right people and published on the right medium can be a lifesaver for your brand. It can reach potential customers at multiple stages of your buying journey and delivers highly-impact results. 


    You can rest assured that we will get your business on the map by creating powerful SEO content writing that earn authority along the way. 

    Mission Accepted: Challenges into Opportunities

    “Images take too long to load on my website”

    It’s a common concern among anyone who has a professional website. That happens because of poor technical responsiveness and visual stability. Thanks to Google’s Core Web Vitals (CWV), you can know more information about your website performance gathered from real people who are already visiting your website through Google Chrome— and they are enormous enough to depend on them. These metrics are a bunch of standardized speed metrics Google’s algorithms use to rank the website. If you fail this test because of the slow speed of loading images or any other items, you can not rank in Google. So, we will:


    • Analysis your current website performance and take notice of errors and warnings
    • Optimize your website for speed to keep your audience satisfied
    • Create CTAs to help visitors convert and take a right desired decision.

    "My website visitors leave it immediately without taking any actions”

    A faster website can save years of pain. That’s where Page Speed and Core Web Vitals Optimization come in. Following the improvements, our SEO team will track all changes for you and continue conducting any refinements. They keep updated with any new trends or algorithms mechanisms changing. Your account on Google Page Speed Insights and Search Console will always be checked to spot any errors, find new keywords you can rank, and observe customer behaviour changes. You will get: 


    • Reports with a record of any relevant information to let you know how your website gets better and better.
    • Enhancing your user experience keeps them on your website for a longer time.
    • Searching for any areas of further improvement.

    Why Mash

    53% of mobile users leave a site that takes longer than three seconds to load. Fix your poor user experience and turn it to your advantage with the help of a technical expert.


    We Guarantee

    A friendly website that encourages users to interact with it.

    A long-term strategy to keep your website optimized and aligned with any updates

    Increase your website session by adding SEO content and engaging visuals

    A high-end technology system for ongoing assessment monitor and track any unexpected errors

    Consistent communication to keep you informed with current website experience

    Redesign Your Business for Proven Value

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      Core Web Vitals are a set of standards that Google considers important in a webpage’s overall user experience. They are part of the Web Vitals initiative, which serves as unified guidance to uncover signals that can support your user experience on the web. Each of its signals represents an essential facet you need to optimize if you want a good rank for your website.

      Core Web Vitals are the foundation of Web Vitals that should be applied to all web pages. Any website owner needs to asses these metrics through Google tools.

      Keep an eye on the most critical subset of your digital marketing process, your website— and let’s discuss how to make it a lead generator.

      The Page Experience report by Google is a brief of the overall user experience of visitors to each page on your website. Google has its standards to evaluate page experience based on metrics for each URL. These metrics are a signal of how your website performs on search engines. This experience can be reflected through Core Web Vitals, a set of metrics that measure your visitors’ impression, including loading performance, responsiveness and visual displays. It can also entail some other signals, such as mobile-friendliness and HTTPS.

      This user experience is critical, but Google still supports the websites that offer the best information overall. That means website rankings will continue to improve if your page experience is superb but you don’t add real value to your audience. 

      That’s why investing in complete SEO services, including local SEO, SEO audits, and SEO content writing, is essential. Need to know more? Contact us now! 

      The total cost to optimize your website according to Google standards will vary based on plenty of factors, starting with the project scope, how many pages your website has, specific details to fix, and more. Your current situation will dictate the final quote. Even the process you choose will influence the price. Eventually, please keep in mind that Core Web Vitals Optimization is one of the most affordable and cost-effective solutions to book a seat for your website on the first result page. At Mashworld, we guarantee you a transparent pricing plan that suits your budget and needs.

      Core Web Vitals is not just about page speed, but it is a set of specific user-centred metrics that measure key aspects of web page experience, including page speed. Core Web Vitals include three primary metrics that Google has identified as the most critical for user experience:


      Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): measures loading performance and how quickly the largest content element (such as an image or video) becomes visible to the user.

      First Input Delay (FID): measures interactivity and how quickly the page responds to user input, such as clicks or taps.

      Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): measures visual stability and how much content is included on the page as it loads, which can be a source of frustration for users.

      By optimizing for these metrics, website owners can create a more user-friendly experience that leads to higher engagement, better search engine rankings, and, ultimately, more business success.

      Drive Business Impact by Converting Clicks into Sales