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    How Can SEO Audits Help You Skyrocket Your Target Sales?

    SEO audits are critical to keeping your website competitive and optimized with new updates. These audits deliver insights into your website’s overall ranking and performance and help you come up with an efficient SEO strategy going forward.


    Google Search Essentials and other search engine algorithms are constantly being changed, making it imperative for every business owner to audit their website regularly to not lose its ranking and address issues to get a higher position. 


    Moreover, SEO auditing helps the marketing team prioritize the work according to new trends and changes in customer behavior and spotlight the areas with the biggest impact on success in search engines, starting with capitalizing on the resources you already have on hand.


    SEO audits go into different scopes to check, but most importantly, off-page optimization and link-building, as you will never know the quality of backlinks without conducting SEO audits on a regular basis.


    All of that will lead to results that have a significant impact on your leads and ROI.

    148% in transactions by organic reach

    109% increase in revenues

    1297.7% increase in website clicks

    122% increase in users

    Revolutionize Your Online Presence with Mash World's Innovative Process

    Technical SEO audits make a huge difference in your search ranking by optimizing each website page to perform better in organic results. Any website consists of a tangled network of pages, and each page should be aligned with Google guidelines to give your website a boost for a higher rank. Our process will go through each component to start magnetizing leads.


    Conduct SEO _Audit_

    Schedule a meeting to understand your SEO problems.

    After booking a free consultation call with one of our technical experts, we will schedule an online or offline meeting to understand your SEO problems, listen to any previous SEO operations, know your expectations, and set a timeframe. This meeting will get a feel for your business and identify unique requirements for your industry.

    Get Ready with the Right Keywords_

    Set an SEO Audit Plan

    Your account manager will create an in-depth strategy, including tasks, requirements, and a customized pricing package according to your needs and desires. This strategy will be implemented with the help of our SEO specialists, who will explain the opportunities and threats within your website that might hurt your online performance and prevent your target from making a purchase decision.

    Generate Monthly Reports

    Start with SEO audit execution.

    Once agreed upon, our team will be ready to conduct your audit equipped with the necessary tools, valuable resources, and technical background. Our results-driven experts will look at each element that might affect your ranking, from a basic level to a sophisticated one, to master the web. We measure your server’s capacity by offering a more relevant server solution; then we analyze your website's performance to make it more healthy and sustainable.

    What You Will Get From Our SEO Audits

    A frequent audit means better performance, which will give you the advantage of beating your competition and being in front of the eyes of those who are interested in your business. We will analyze the following:

    • Keyword Research
    • Content Optimisation
    • Technical SEO
    • Backlink Analysis
    • Technical Audit
    • On-page SEOOff-page SEO
    • Competitive analysis

    Maximize Your Website's Potential with Our Complete SEO Audit Services Package

    UX Design

    Drive sales, improve the experience, convert customers, and turn wavering audiences into retained customers. receive much more than the daily digital marketing activities. Our team will guide you to reach new heights with a strategic focus on how to implement your vision into real outcomes. Your website will not only get noticed, but you will also be remembered.  

    Your success will be built on the precision of your marketing efforts and growth performance. You must have the emotional power to build an impressive brand.

    Arabic SEO

    Keeping an eye on what you have done and how you can improve is the core of your business’s success. In the digital world, it’s not about flipping the page after finishing the task. You need to measure impact, develop roadmap improvements, and track the results. That’s why you still need Arabic SEO to be the best and find the right customers in your specific area.


    Why? Because the digital world is super busy. Trying to compete with all of them doesn’t mean you have great potential. It means you will face a rifle competition. Narrowing down your SEO efforts to Arabic SEO will be a lifesaver.

    Content Writing

    If you lack the organic traffic you want, attract unqualified leads, or have content that might make no sense to your audience, affecting your search engine performance, that’s the time for our content writing services. But if you want to win the competition, you need to have creative, inviting, and compelling content that speaks directly to your ideal customers. Refresh your website and social media accounts with a content strategy to generate leads.  

    We will go through everything from your website’s content to SEO ranking factors and the code to help you get a position among your competitors.


    While paid campaigns can generate positive results quickly, you can not depend on them in the long term. It’s not a sustainable solution because it will put a load on your budget every month. However, companies can drive only 10% of their traffic from paid ads. This volume can drop dramatically if you plan to minimize your ad budget. Your company will eventually be unable to afford all of these monthly advertising costs. On the other hand, 51% of website traffic comes from organic search. Ecommerce SEO puts an end to this dilemma.

    Challenge Accepted

    Don’t sweat it. We’re up for any challenge.

    “My website doesn’t appear in the first three results of a Google search.”

    Many factors can cause this common issue. Unfortunately, if you don’t reveal the solution quickly, you will lose your potential customers to your competitors. At Mashworld, we will start with implementing an SEO audit. It’s the rich fruit of our SEO journey. Your account manager and SEO expert conduct a monthly meeting to present results from a technical enhancement. We will guide you through each stage of the SEO auditing process and generate regular reports to measure success.
    Our bespoke approach will guarantee you a healthy website that appeals to Google. Then your audience finds you easily, checks out what you have for them, and closes the deal. At the end, you will get:


    • A website ranks on the first page of Google.
    • A high traffic volume enhances your domain authority.
    • More clicks converted to more sales.

    “My website takes too long to load.”

    Whether from a Google penalty, algorithm update, or any possible technical issue (or something not discovered yet), we pull out all the stops to get to the root of the issue until your website gets back on track.

    Our SEO expert will check out Google Analytics’ insights to pinpoint the exact moment you started losing traffic. Analyzing top-ranked keyword phrases and which keywords your competitors perform well on will direct us to the best content and marketing messages we should focus on. So, you will get:


    • A better website performance
    • Your website will be crawled by search engines.
    • Your visitors will be hooked by your website and explore your awesome products or services.

    Uncover Hidden Opportunities: Why Choose Mash World for Your SEO Audit Needs

    a talented digital marketing agency that has gained profound experience throughout the years using a one-of-a-kind approach to provide high-quality and immersive results for all your digital marketing needs.


    We Guarantee

    Great communication and a brilliant team to work with who will exceed your expectations.

    Digging up to take your website to the top of search results, enlightened by insights generated by Google Search Console

    Analyzing notifications, errors, and updates that influence your on-page SEO.

    Give a boost to your organic traffic and rocket your sales with a data-driven and award-winning strategy.

    Increasing customer retention rates will offer a huge average ROI.

    Work with a winning team to generate the results you’re looking for.

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      SEO audits are the process of analyzing, evaluating, and finding issues or opportunities to improve your website’s performance on search engines. They involve checking your website against SEO best practices and standards, such as on-page SEO, crawling, indexing, and rendering. The purpose of SEO audits is to identify and fix weak points in your SEO campaign or strategy.


      An SEO report is a document that summarizes the performance of a website in terms of search engine optimization. It typically includes data on traffic, rankings, keywords, backlinks, technical issues, and recommendations for improvement. An SEO report can help you measure your progress, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and communicate your value to your clients or stakeholders.   To audit an SEO report, you need to:  
      • Review the data sources and methods: make sure the report is based on reliable and accurate data from tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, etc. 
      • Evaluate the key performance indicators (KPIs) and make sure the report aligns with your goals and objectives. Check if the report includes relevant and measurable KPIs, such as organic traffic, conversions, bounce rate, click-through rate (CTR), etc. 
      • Identify your strengths and weaknesses; make sure the report highlights your achievements and challenges.
      • Provide feedback and recommendations. Make sure the report offers actionable insights and suggestions for improvement. 

      An SEO technical audit is a detailed analysis of the technical aspects of a website related to search engine optimization. The primary goal of a technical site audit for SEO is to make sure search engines like Google can crawl, index, and rank pages on your site.

      We will state these issues:

      Sitemap errors: your site is missing or has an incorrect sitemap that tells search engines what pages are on your site and how they are structured.

      Indexability issues: your site is not showing up in search results because it’s blocked by robots.txt, has a no-index tag, or has other indexability issues.

      HTTPS security: your site is not using a secure protocol to transfer data to and from visitors, which can lower your rankings and trustworthiness.

      Page speed: your site takes too long to load, which can affect the user experience and rankings.

      Duplicate content: your site has pages that have the same or very similar content, which can lower your rankings and authority.

      Canonicalization issues: your site has pages that are marked as canonical, which means they are the main version of a page, but they are not.

      Broken links: your site has links that lead to non-existent or error pages, which can affect the user experience.

      Mobile optimization: your site is not optimized for mobile devices, which can affect the user experience and rankings.

      Meta tags: your site is missing or has incorrect meta tags, such as title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, etc., which can affect how your pages appear in search results and entice users to click on them.

      Structured data: your site is not using structured data, which are code snippets that help search engines understand what your pages are about and display rich snippets in search results.

      An SEO agency can help you perform an SEO audit that covers all aspects of SEO, such as technical, on-page, content, and off-page. They can also help you implement the recommendations and measure the results for great and quick wins to start driving qualified leads who are really interested in your company. 

      Mashworld can help you uncover gaps that might prevent your website from reaching its full potential. No fluff marketing, only effective bargaining. Let’s get in touch!

      Start your SEO audit journey today with our skilled experts.