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Content Writing is simply the creation, publishing, and distribution of great content.

Content Writing represents organic marketing. It involves giving value to people so they can refer to the content written as trustworthy and use it for their specific needs and desires.

Benefits of Content Writing

Increases Search Engine Rankings

Along with creating a large quantity of content, it’s important to publish high-quality content. Headlines and meta descriptions are vital in raising your search engine rankings. By including strategic keywords in your content, you can further prove its relevancy to target audiences.

Boosts Conversions

A strong call to action on your webpage increases conversions. The call to action prompts your customer, visitor, or lead to take action.

Creates a Voice for Your Company

When a prospective customer visits your website, they’re interested in learning more about what it would be like to work with your company. Strong website content establishes your brand voice and maintains a consistent persona across different communication channels.

Content Per Platform

Websites and Web Applications

Convert your viewers into customers. The content written on your website plays a vital role in introducing the audience to your products and/or services and guiding them through the purchase process using the appropriate descriptions and calls to action.

Social Media Platforms

A Picture is worth a million words, but is that enough? The content written on your brand’s social media platforms reflects what your business/brand stands for and communicates the messages you would the audience to receive.

Publications and Media

From text overlay to creative copy, content writing is a vital step in the creation process of any publications and advertisements. The content written explains specific messages and actions to take from the ad.

SEO Content

You cannot optimize your SEO ranking without the right content and keywords. Writing SEO content depends on keywords specific to your business/brand and needs. Written good content, increases your SEO rank which will, in turn, increase brand awareness and visibility.

Scripts for Videos

Videos without a script are only moving pictures. A well-written script describes scenes and usually guides the filming and production processes.

Our Methodology

An agile process where you get involved in every step we take to write the content you need.

Step 1: Content Strategy

We make sure we understand the best content format to reach the audience. We organize content creation across the various formats to reach specific objectives. The formats we plan for can include written content, graphic design, GIFs, and videos.

Step 2: Information Architecture

The basis of any written content is information architecture. We analyze the objectives of each required piece and make sure we convey the information in the best way for the audience. IA helps our content creators include all communication messages in an organized manner.

Step 3: Content Creation

We send the required documents to the copywriters, graphic designers, video producers for them to work their magic.

Step 4: Content Testing and Review

We review all content to ensure that we have met the objectives. In some cases, we publish different content and see which version the audience connect with more.

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