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Search Engine Marketing

Today, if you want to find information about a product or a service, search for the nearest Italian restaurant, or find popular events happening around the city this weekend, you turn to an online search engine.

You type your query in the search bar, and an answer comes back within a fraction of a second. Recent studies show that approximately 74% of internet users perform local searches to find businesses in their neighborhoods.

These local searches usually lead to an in-store visit, phone call, or a purchase. Therefore, if you have a business and looking to reach a local demographic, search engine marketing (SEM) might just be the missing link.


What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

It is important to understand that search engine marketing is so much more than a paid ad to promote a product or a service. To create a successful SEM campaign that meets your marketing goals, you must first learn why customers use search engines.

The following are three common reasons why people turn to online search engines:

  • Research: users use search engines to learn about a particular brand, product, or service. Also, they may search for a solution to a problem they are facing.
    Through search engine marketing you can reach people when they are searching for a solution or a product, to help them make a smart buying decision.
  • Entertainment: there are so many things, users can do while surfing the web such as watching videos or playing games. SEM allows you to leverage the kind of entertainment your target user is looking for.
    Then, connect it with your branding efforts to reach users.
  • Buy a Product/Service: people also use search engines with the intention of buying a product or service. By making an attractive offer in your ad through SEM, you can easily convert this category of search engine users.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is one of the most effective marketing methods that enable businesses to reach their target audience, attract new customers, increase sales and revenue, and reduce customer acquisition costs.

SEM is mainly used to increase a website’s online visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs’) through paid search advertising. The most popular paid search tool is Google Ads.


Advantages of Search Engine Marketing

In general, search engine marketing (SEM) includes both search engine optimization (SEO) and paid advertising, known as pay per click (PPC). Together, these two tactics form an effective search engine marketing plan that will grow your business in the following ways:

Generate Qualified Leads

Depending on how much you paid per click, SEM generates leads who are actively looking for your product or service using specific keywords that are relevant to your product or service.

When customers search for these keywords, your ad would appear on their search results pages. One of the advantages that come with PPC is that you only pay for the traffic that actually clicked on your ad.

Therefore, SEM places you in front of the right customers who have the intention to buy your product or service. Also, you can set a daily limit on how much you want to spend on search ads, which helps keep your marketing budget in check.

Cost-effective Marketing Method

Getting started with search engine marketing doesn’t require a considerable upfront investment. Since SEM is much cheaper than other traditional methods of advertising and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Immediate Brand Awareness

If you just launched a new business that has no visibility or brand recognition just yet, SEM can instantly generate some attention by positioning your website at the top of the first search engine results pages.

Highly Scalable Marketing Campaigns

SEM gives you the opportunity to start small, test things, and see what is working and what’s not working with your ad. You can keep your costs low if you are working with a tight marketing budget.

SEM easily adapts to your business needs, if your revenues increase. You can create more ads, remove the ones that are not working and constantly tweak your search advertising campaign.

Integrated Suite of SEM

Collaborate with a creative team that will get you the right leads

At Mash World, we help you drive the right leads who are searching for your business by taking advantage of the below mix of digital services:

Data-driven Marketing Campaigns

Increase brand visibility, lead generation, SaaS user acquisition, sales campaigns for e-commerce, and more.

Performance Marketing

Refine your advertising efforts and pay only for the results you get. We help you with effective media buying plans on digital platforms. Our aim is to optimize your conversion rate through smart bidding.

Landing Pages

Create engaging and personalized landing pages to efficiently push potential leads further through the sales pipeline. Landing pages are the first web pages users see when they click an ad. So it is better to make them optimized and sales-driven to bring in the desired results.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Find areas of improvement on website usability, content, ad campaigns, and more, to convert strangers into actual customers, and thus sales.

At Mash World, we identify the issues preventing your prospects from converting, and put in-depth strategy to tackle them through customer journey mapping, usability testing, A/B testing, and more.

Search Engine Optimization 

Appear on the first pages of search engines. Our SEO specialists will work on optimizing your website performance, speed, and content to increase its visibility and credibility.

We provide comprehensive SEO services, including on-page, off-page, technical, and local.

Lead-gen Website Design & Development

Let your website act as a lead generation machine through strategically structuring content, distributing calls to action, as well as building comprehensive information architecture for better navigation.

Content Marketing

Generate keyword-rich content to meet your customers’ intentions and expectations. We help you provide value through words and phrases that resonate with your customers and influence their actions.


Search Engine MArketing Process

Following a unified methodology to deliver consistent results

01 Discovery
  • Meeting and initial requirements
  • Business goals and customers’ demands
  • Market Research
02 Planning
  • Strategy (objectives, messaging, voice, etc.)
  • Information architecture
  • Keyword research
03 Creation
  • Craft ad copies
  • Client approval and edit
04 Test & Review
  • Monitor ads’ performance
  • Improve and revise

what to do next?

While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a long-term marketing effort that increases your online visibility in organic search. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) allows you to invest in other keywords to expand your reach and grow your market share.

At Mash World, we offer a number of search engine advertising services that will help your business target potential customers and guide them to your website.

Check out our portfolio of SEM projects and reach out to our team of search engine professionals.

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