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Setup a Professional Digital Storefront: Why is a Website Important for your Business

Today, a lot of us spend most of our time on the internet to connect with people, share information, buy a product, use a service, read a blog post, or even watch an entertaining video.

Therefore, having a website with a presence on social media has become essential for customers to learn about your products and services. Even if your business has a physical location such as a restaurant or a bookstore.

Not having a website, is equal to not having a physical storefront where customers can see what you are offering. You will be losing many potential customers because they are unable to find you or learn about your business.

Why is a Website Important for your Business?

The following are a number of reasons why you should invest in building a website for your business:

Around-the-Clock Online Presence

One of the biggest advantages of having a business website is that it is accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Even on official holidays and during non-business hours, customers can access your website and get the information they need.

Communicate Offers, Events, and News

The majority of customers expect brands and businesses to have a website that serves as a medium to share updates about the latest offers and discounts on products and services.
In addition to that, through websites, users can sign up for a newsletter and receive information about upcoming events and news. Websites also feature contact forms that customers can use to send any questions they have about your products or services.

Establish Trust and Credibility

Effective digital marketing starts with having a website that boasts an easy-to-use and user-friendly design with excellent features and navigation. This makes customers more inclined to trust the brand and its services.
Consequently, this can be further enhanced by utilizing local SEO techniques to attract a local customer base for businesses that are new in the market.

Increase Sales and Revenue

Having a website significantly improves the reach of your business, you just need to optimize your website to make sure your customers find you when they are looking for you.
Therefore, there is no limit to the revenue that can be generated by your website. Also, in some cases, websites give you the opportunity to add additional sources of revenue such as renting the digital space on your website to display ads that feature products relevant to your business.

Create a Digital Business Portfolio

Setting up a website is considered a cost-effective investment to have your own online store, showroom, or office. It can also serve as your business digital portfolio that features client testimonials, past projects, and company events.
Furthermore, your business digital portfolio can be a reference for potential investors looking to get to know the nature of your business and your future plans to evaluate potential investment opportunities.

Integrated Suite of Web Development Solutions

Having a website plays a crucial role in spreading the word about your business and makes it easy for customers to find you. Therefore, investing in hiring a web development company with a proven track record of success is a priority in this digital age.



At Mash World, we help you develop a professional, engaging, and cost-effective website that encourages more visitors to learn about your services and potentially buy from your business.

Our suite of integrated web development services includes the following:

User Experience Design

Website and Web App Development

Web Hosting

Technical Consultancy


Quality Assurance

Website and Web App Development

Compete in the digital market with custom website and web app solutions dedicated to a wide range of businesses including, e-commerce, healthcare, and more. Our team is fully prepared with the tools and development languages needed: PHP, HTML 5, and CSS.

User Experience Design

Simplify complex ideas into enjoyable designs that help your customers achieve their goals. Mash World designers rely on a proven process, technologies, and a deep understanding of your customers’ needs to deliver an experience that is useful.

Quality Assurance

Keep your website and web app clean and bug-free, and help your customers have a seamless interaction every time they use it. We run manual and automated QA tests at every stage in the development life-cycle to ensure better performance that works for your customers and not against them.

Web Hosting

We provide high-performance website hosting services to get your product on the internet. Having a website has become essential for companies to advance their business. Hence, our developers and engineers work together to deliver customized hosting solutions that achieve higher downloads and installs.

Technical Consultancy

Our technical professionals are experienced and certified to provide valuable consultation that helps you fix any bugs, glitches, and issues you might be facing with your digital product. In addition, they will analyze your software and form plans for further enhancements to meet the future demands and needs of your customers.



The success of the website depends on the process taken by the team in collaboration with the client to bring in real results that align with the company’s objectives. At Mash World, we follow a proven and tested process to bring your app into reality.


01 Discovery
  • Initial meeting
  • Business goals and needs
  • Questionnaire
02 Ideation & Planning
  • Identify problems & Imagine Solutions
  • Determine Requirements
  • Product Roadmap
03 Design
  • Architecture
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes
  • Content
04 Development
  • Front-end & backend
  • API
  • Quality Assurance
05 Deployment & Maintenance
  • Go Live
  • Bug Fixing


Types of Web Development Services

Websites come in different shapes and sizes and they include various online services and functions. Let’s explore three popular types of websites to get you started with your own website development project:

Informative Website

Informative websites provide branded and customized information about your company and cover all topics relevant to customers, investors, and industry professionals.

In addition to that, they act as a sales tool to attract new clients. Therefore, high-quality specialized content and engaging design play a crucial role in the success of this type of website.

E-commerce Store

This type of website allows consumers and businesses to buy and sell physical goods, services, and digital products over the internet. Through an e-commerce website, your business can process orders, accept payments, manage shipping and logistics and provide customer support.


Web Applications

A web application is a computer program that can be accessed through an internet browser. Therefore, it is not native to a specific platform and will adapt to the type of device users are using to access it on. 

This means that it doesn’t need to be downloaded from an app store or take up memory space. A number of prominent brands have migrated to web apps in recent years such as Google, Starbucks, Twitter, and Uber among many others.


Building functional and bug-free applications requires deep understanding and application of the latest technologies and tools used in the market – which gives us confidence in the work we produce. Mash World has a dedicated technical team that has the capabilities and skill to turn challenges into opportunities, making us the top choice for many companies.


 Driving Business Growth


Increase In Revenue


Increase In Conversion Rate



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