• Youtube Advertising

YouTube Advertising to Drive Sales

See considerable change in your ROI with a group of marketing experts and digital marketing specialists who will work on increasing clicks over your YouTube Ads.

    How YouTube Advertising Can Help You to Drive Results

    What is the largest search engine in the world?

    Google for sure!

    What is the second?


    Yes, it’s more than a video-streaming website. It’s an excellent, reliable platform for all users around the globe to search for answers to their inquiries. So, it’s your chance to build brand awareness, reach your prospects who are looking for your solution, then generate leads and convert them into customers.


    Although organic reach through YouTube does a wonderful job, running YouTube advertising campaigns is a quick and efficient strategy to break your sales breakeven point.

    All you need is a trusted partner who can understand your unique business objectives and create an ad that gets more clicks than skips.

    Mash World provides everything for your business to start your YouTube advertising, from building a proven results-generation plan to creating a compelling video that speaks directly to your audience.

    Our Process to Bring Your Sales Targets to Life

    Strike out your digital marketing to-do list and partner with a single team that is dedicated to turning your business objectives into reality.

    Conduct SEO _Audit_

    Launch Focused Audience Research

    To intensify the impact of your YouTube ads, you’ll need to understand your target audience, how they research your solution, and how they interact with the existing content. So, we create a buyer persona reflecting the ideal customer who will help you attain your objectives. Our research will include retargeting, keyword targeting, competitive analysis, competitor targeting, in-market and affinity.

    Get Ready with the Right Keywords_

    Create the Outline of Your YouTube Campaigns

    Our professional experts put all their years of YouTube advertising content expertise into creating something that really works for you. Whether you’re looking for new production or to increase the reach of your existing video assets, we will collaborate to make the most of YouTube ads by placing them in front of your audience. Together, we will set a budget, determine the type of YouTube video, and create a captivating model.

    Generate Monthly Reports

    Build a Full Funnel YouTube Ads

    To magnify lead generation and take your sales to new heights, our team supports your YouTube advertising process by executing a full growth marketing strategy that takes your viewers on a buyer journey until they make a purchase decision. These stages include Google Display, SEO practices, Gmail retargeting, Facebook ads, and email marketing. That’s why we’re always the go-to choice for ambitious brands. Before you go, you will get a monthly report telling you the story of how your YouTube campaigns are performing and how we can make them even better.

    What You Will Get From Our YouTube Advertising

    Start your journey to promote your brand through the most-effective marketing channel. We provide your business with:

    • Strategy and audit
    • Creative brief
    • Pre-production planning
    • Production
    • Video editing
    • Animation
    • Video ads
    • On-Location Shoots
    • Studio Productions
    • Testimonials
    • Video explainer
    • YouTube + Short Videos
    • GIFs

    Get A Full Package For YouTube Production Process

    Video SEO

    Supercharge your video’s reach and let your target audience find your channel through our video SEO search. Learn how your potential customers search for the products and services you offer, optimize your video to get noticed by search engines, and drive organic reach that will work for you in the long run.

    Content Creation

    Create the spark that will let your audience check out your YouTube channel for more. Inspire your flocks to act with genuine human-centered content, created through a data-driven strategy, to leave an impact on everyone.

    Together, we will build and refine the creative process for lasting interactive experiences.

    Social Media Advertising

    Boost conversions by using paid social advertising; that will target people who just searched for a product like yours. 

    Hit your bottom line by creating energetic, reliable, and authentic connections with your potential customers. Eventually, you will be able to build a dynamic relationship at every step of the marketing growth funnel to elevate your business’ scalability and maximize return on ad spend.

    Programmatic Ads

    Grow your community and expand your business through our programmatic advertising service. Strengthen the impact of your ad by automating the media buying process. It’s perfect for better retargeting and reaching people through specific categories. Boost your marketing efforts across all channels where your competitors give it their all to enchant your prospects.

    Challenge Accepted

    Meet Your Challenges Head-On

    “I don’t have time for video production”

    Video production is one of the most time-consuming marketing approaches. Many companies don’t consider it because they don’t have enough resources to plan, search, photograph, or create animation. We make it easy for you.
    Thankfully, custom YouTube advertising services can get you back on track to increasing your brand awareness and boosting your presence among millions of YouTube users.
    So, you will get:



    • Increased clicks on your ad
    • Qualified traffic who are ready to buy from you
    • Prospects turned into leads and customers.

    “My social media channels are not generating enough leads”

    Thankfully, we have multiple social media platforms that will help you maximize your online exposure. However, no two platforms are the same.
    We understand that catering to every social media channel can make a huge difference. You might not promote your services through the right social media platform. So, we first conduct marketing research to uncover your audience’s behaviours, how they spend their time, and where they consume content the most.
    This strategic approach will result in:



    • Magnified conversion rate
    • Increased views, subscribers, and followers
    • Enhanced content reach and engagement

    Why MASH?

    Our YouTube Advertising expertise comes from our marketing experts, certified partnerships, track record of achievements, and a multicultural workspace.


    We Guarantee To Get

    A YouTube ad that will align with your objectives

    A marketing message that will resonate with your prospects

    A YouTube campaign that will capture your audience

    A rush of website traffic who are converted from your Youtube campaigns

    A combination of compelling visuals that will increase the viewer's curiosity to see it till the end

    Create a YouTube Ad That Delivers More Clicks

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      At MashWorld, we leverage your YouTube advertising strategy as a key channel for growth experimentation. We analyze, test, and iterate on variations of ad copy and visual design. Then we launch and monitor till we find the most impactful for our business model. We strategically allocate your ad budget to craft something unique for your unique audience at the right time when they are open to taking the next step. 

      Our main goal is to get your prospects to know your offering. Then we direct them so they know why they should care about your brand. Finally, say YES to your product.

      The cost of advertising on YouTube depends on the type of ad you choose, the industry, the ad format, placement, your video quality, your targeting, and your overall goal. Generally, most businesses will spend between $0.010 to $0.030 per view, or an average cost-per-click of $1 to $3. You can also pay for video ads that run before, during, or after other videos on YouTube. 

      Additionally, if you want more control over who sees your ad, you can use YouTube’s advanced targeting options to narrow down the audience that is shown your ad. This can help reduce the amount you are spending per view while still reaching the people who are most likely to be interested in what you have to offer. For more information, contact our media buying team to get full support.

      YouTube advertising services can be game-changing, helping you tap into a world of chances by reaching a unique user base and positioning yourself in front of potential customers who are most likely to click through your ad to find out what you’re preparing for them. For example, if you sell natural cosmetics, your video ad will display in front of a woman who is searching for ways to boost her skin’s natural look. So, the possibility of giving your product a chance is very high. 

      Hiring MashWorld as your YouTube advertising agency will put you ahead of your competitors and help you make the most of our ad budget.

      YouTube advertising is an amazing way to reach a wide audience and get your message out there. You can connect with potential customers, build brand recognition, and drive sales. When it comes to targeting, it’s BRILLIANT! You can target people based on their interests, demographics, and more. Plus, you have the ability to measure the success of your campaigns in real time so you can adjust them as needed.


      YouTube ads are also incredibly affordable compared to other forms of advertising. You only pay when someone watches your ad or takes an action like clicking through to your website or making a purchase. This makes it easy to stay within your budget while still getting maximum exposure for your business.

      Ready to Start Your TRUE Growth Journey