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  • Display Ads, Search Ads, or Social Media Ads, Which Is Best For Your Business?

Display Ads, Search Ads, or Social Media Ads, Which Is Best For Your Business?
Display Ads, Search Ads, or Social Media Ads, Which Is Best For Your Business?

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Advertisement plays a crucial role in today’s digital marketing. With the rise of new business models, most companies need to reach their target audiences and beat the competition through different Ads types. But choosing display ads instead of social media ads may get you different results. Then again, what about search ads? Would they be more suitable for your products or services?

Getting the biggest benefit for your business begins by choosing the type of advertising that meets your goal. Generally, it is always better to focus on what you would like to achieve first. And then, break up your goal into different scenarios, each with a landing page that fits your advertising campaign. Of course, you need to know what the three major advertising options are before you can set everything up. So, let’s find out how they differ and which one is best for your business.

Tackling The Basics Of Ads Types


Display Advertising

Display ads are all those adverts you find on websites. Sometimes, they appear inside a page, in a pop-up window, or even an app in the form of:

  • Banners. Often, they are attention getters with aesthetically pleasing graphics.
  • Interactive ads that let viewers play a mini-game or engage in an interactive activity and later gather their data or provide a link.
  • Text-based links, which work great for special deals or to bring customers back again and again.
  • Videos. For instance, previews, messages, or official announcements.

Search Ads

All the adverts you see when using a search engine like Google are search ads. As you can imagine, every search engine has its online advertising platform, such as:

  • Bing Ads
  • Google AdWords
  • Yahoo! Gemini

Other examples include advertising services offered by sites like Amazon or Reddit. In short, the idea is to provide users with ads that relate to their keywords. So, it makes sense to make your goods pop up to get the sale, especially on e-commerce platforms with constant traffic like Amazon.

Social Media Advertising

Social media ads offer specific formats and metrics for targeted advertisement campaigns. Unlike display ads, the type selection is limited to what the platform provides. But the good news is that different social media offer enticing alternatives, like:

  • Carousel ads. Instagram introduced the carousel ad to let businesses showcase their products. In short, it is a collection of ten videos or images, each with a personalized link at the bottom where you write your call to action.
  • Lead ads. In this category are all ads that gather users’ data, email addresses, or user-generated content. At this moment in time, they mainly target mobile users.
  • Poll ads. Facebook lets you post polls that mobile users can interact with to reveal your response or sales pitch.

What is the difference between Display Ads and Social Media Ads?

The goal of both advertisement tactics is to get your name or brand out to people who might not know about you. Likewise, you can use both to tell existing customers something new about your business. Or promote current special deals. But each of them does it differently.

Display ads rely on ad positioning or the reputation of the website that hosts the ad. Instead, social media ads take advantage of the reasons why people use social media-the users are relaxed and enjoying their free time. Both types of ads come with their pros and cons. Let’s know them better.

Which Solution Is Best Ads Type For Your Business?

Once you have decided on a specific goal, the next step is to think about the audience. For example, businesses trying to get more leads may find search ads to be their best option.

Every single year, search engine traffic increases, according to Google But of course, fast-flowing traffic also means that the more mistakes you make writing the ad copy, the more it will cost you.

Usually, any form of advertisement makes you pay per impression or click. That is if the viewer sees the ad or clicks on it. So, search ads are the best solution for precise keywords that aim to help a potential customer find your product, which is the only thing they seek.

Display ads work best to promote a single deal. For example, a branded smartphone with a massive discount. Their designs can also appeal to hobby enthusiasts that lurk in online forums for the joy of well-supplied e-commerce companies.

Lastly, social media ads are great for targeting different generations. For example, young girls aged between 20 and 30 who live in Mesa, Arizona. Social media let you specify the age, sex, and other details of who will see your ad. So, it is the perfect tool for businesses that can profit from generational marketing.

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