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E-commerce Challenges

When you open a new retail store, you organize your products carefully and you make it easy for customers to pay, the same applies online!

Have you ever tried to find a certain product and took you ages to reach it? Or waited so long for the website to load?

You ended up feeling frustrated and abandoning the website for good.

Here are key challenges that might get in the way between you and your dream online store:

  • Inefficient organization and categorization of products
  • Poor usability, accessibility, and findability
  • Low conversion rate and visibility due to the fierce competition
  • Limited payment options
  • Slow loading time & performance
  • Ineffectual cyber security

Ways We Helped E-commerce Stores to Grow

To overcome such challenges, we, at Mash World, work collaboratively between different departments to build and optimize your online store, using agile methodology and a comprehensive mix of digital strategies. We work iteratively to ensure continuous improvement and flexibility needed to get your store visible and profitable.

Information Architecture

Organizing, labeling, and structuring e-commerce website information to easily connect the users to the products they search for.

E-commerce Website Design & Development

Building a user-centric website that addresses customers’ needs, using the agile process to ensure continuous improvement.

Shopify & Magento Partnership

Helping clients efficiently build their store on the most powerful e-commerce platforms using customizable solutions.

Content & Product Writing

Crafting descriptive, concise, and enticing content for websites and products to engage visitors.

SEO Services

Optimizing the e-commerce website by using best practices to enhance its ranking & visibility.

Sales Campaigns for E-commerce

Driving more qualified customers to your online store through focused advertising campaigns on social media and search engines.

Key Benefits to E-commerce

The success of your online store depends on reaching out to new customers and increasing sales. Digital marketing gets you both!

Skyrocket Your Sales

Our digital strategy focuses on nurturing potential customers throughout the entire sales funnel, starting from awareness to purchase and retention. We optimize all marketing channels and establish consistency between them to fuel your sales and total revenue.

Enhance Brand Image

Customers only trust brands that have a positive reputation. We help you build a reputable brand image to increase your credibility and establish you as a go-to store for various customer needs. Through creative services and integrated digital solutions, you can determine the way you want to be perceived by your people.

Provide a Superb User Experience

We enhance the way users interact with your e-commerce website through simplifying navigation, information accessibility, product findability, and the checkout process. Building a user-centric online store helps your customers have happy experiences that motivate them to come back.

Measure Results

We install analytic tools to measure and evaluate the results against the determined KPIs. This reliable data helps you take better decisions regarding your business, as well as enables us to find room for digital improvements – to achieve your key objectives.

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