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Bazy Track

Bazy Track is one of the affiliates of MOSECO Group, which was established in 1994. Specialized in offering turnkey IoT & smart tracking solutions in Saudi Arabia & MENA region.

Bazy Track provides a unified and fully integrated tracking platform that helps monitor, track, control, and manage vehicles, assets, field workers, students, and containers remotely and effectively.

  • Sector Tracking Service
  • Year 2020
  • PROJECT Online Advertising Creative Services


As a service provider, Bazy Track faces difficulty in finding an appropriate and approachable way to communicate the desired messages, features, and benefits to reach the maximum number of audience with different demographics and psychographics.


To be able to reach an audience of different demographics, Bazy Track agreed to produce an animated video that introduces them to the market and clearly outlines their services, features, and capabilities. The animated video helped solidify Bazy Track’s presence in the KSA market and allowed them to reach their targeted audience.

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