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Powerful Branding with UI/UX Web Design Principles
Powerful Branding with UI/UX Web Design Principles

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As a site owner, it’s very important to know that it usually takes people at least 5-7 impressions (number of times they encounter your brand) to be able to remember it.

Therefore, it is crucial that your branding efforts remain consistent across your physical and online presence. This involves email marketing, social media marketing, your website, flyers, and other promotional materials.


What is Branding?

Branding is simply defined as the way you instill your company in the audience’s mind. It is how your message is so powerful that people save it, unconsciously, in the back of their minds.
It plays mainly on customers’ emotions rather than logic or reason.

For instance, there are many coffee shops out there, but people tend to have their coffee at Starbucks because it successfully managed to establish its position in the niche. Similarly, people can recognize McDonald’s simply by seeing the M sign, rather than the entire restaurant name.


What are Successful-Branding Components?

Any established branding company in Jordan will tell you that effective branding is a continuous process. You need to evaluate your brand’s market position occasionally to make sure it is fresh and relevant.

Here are the most essential components you need to focus on when developing or updating your branding:

1. Brand Name

A brand name consists of elements that can be voiced and articulated. The best brand names are simple, relatable, and transfer positive emotions.

2. Brand Mark

A brand mark is the part of the brand that is created as a symbol or unique coloring for example. Branding companies in Jordan should be able to create unique branding marks for each of their customers.

3. Trade Mark

A trademark represents a company’s exclusive right to use the brand name and mark. It is given legal protection because it is capable of exclusive appropriation.

4. Brand Image

Refers to the established beliefs customers embrace about a particular brand. These are important to develop well. Since a negative image can be very difficult to shake off.

That is why it is crucial to hire a professional branding company in Jordan.

5. Brand Identity

This is one of the main building blocks of acquiring a competitive advantage. By utilizing brand identity, audiences can distinguish your business from your competitors, which in turn influences their purchasing patterns.

6. Brand Perception

Identifying your customers’ values and requirements, and aligning your branding strategy with those values, will encourage customers to select your brand.

7. Brand Equity

Brand equity is often reflected in the way customers see, feel, and act towards the brand. The effect of this immaterial element is also visible in your finances as prices, market share, profitability, and demand.

8. Brand Positioning

Positioning is mainly product placement in the market. It defines what segments of the market it is targeting. In order to get this right, you should conduct extensive research before creating the branding strategy for your business.

9. Brand Personality

Brand personality is just like your own personality. It attributes the specific emotional or personal characteristics that we associate with a brand.

10. Brand Experience

The top branding companies in Jordan will support your business in producing a comprehensive brand experience for your customers, including the full combination of customer experience with your product/service.

11. Brand Communication

Brand communication is the message your brand delivers through various channels within online and offline platforms. If you want to grow your business through your brand image, then you must be able to convey your core values to audiences.

12. Brand Gap

A brand gap is a difference between what a brand promises to deliver, and what it really delivers. A successful and credible brand must be able to bring those two elements together.


What is UI/UX’s Role in Branding?

Regardless of the industry, you are operating in, you need the branding to differentiate your offerings from the rest of the competition. But, branding is so much more than using cool logos and colors. It is the visual reflection of your company’s values, products, and services.

In simple terms:

  • Branding is the process of creating a distinguishable visual identity that helps you stand out, by providing an outstanding user experience and website design.
  • User Experience (UX) design, is the deliberate process of designing all aspects relating to how users feel when they interact with your brand. In an attempt to understand their motivations, challenges, and their entire user journey.
  • As for User Interface (UI) design, it is the process that focuses on creating the visual aspects of a brand identity using different typography, color palettes, images, icons, buttons, and animations.

When users visit your website, the quality of your website user experience, and overall branding, largely determine whether they will click on your call-to-action buttons (CTA’s), and convert.


Psychology of Color in Branding and UI/UX Design

For the purpose of this article, we will focus on the psychology of color in design and branding and how it affects people’s emotions and perceptions.

Here, we will utilize the examples of the colors red and brown:


Red is typically considered the most emotionally intense color, symbolizing importance, excitement, and intensity. This color draws the most attention, and any design elements that use red are likely to draw the eye’s focus and make things more noticeable and important.

Using a little bit of red here and there is an effective way to make only the most significant words stand out. However, using too much red in your website design will cause it to lose effectiveness. Therefore, it should be used without going overboard, by only pointing out items that are truly important.

For a long time, the corporate color of choice was red. Companies such as Vega Fitness Clubs and Johnson & Johnson still all use red in their logos. If you think about the history of these companies and their corporate missions, as well as the emotional effect of red, it seems they made the right marketing and design choice.


Often referred to as “The color of the earth” because of its abundance in nature. The color brown is considered reliable, conventional, and strong. In general, when used in web design, it tends to give an “earthy” feel.
Sure, it is sometimes considered simple. But if used appropriately it can be meaningful. Think about the UPS logo, it’s a simple brown logo that has become the essence of their entire branding, and has even shaped their tagline, “What can Brown do for you?”


The Right Color Choice for your Brand

Focus on your target audience, and establish what role you want your company to play. When it comes to fulfilling your audience’s needs, you can begin to determine what color choice may be the best for your web design, branding elements, marketing, and design.
By thinking about that, the foundations of your company, and the values it is based around, you can find the best color to convey messages about your brand, without saying a word.


Why User Experience Web Design?

Successful websites plan for success before achieving it. Therefore, it is critical to hire the right web design agency that is up to date on all technological and digital marketing strategies.

At Mash World, our preferred method of design is User Experience Design (UX). It is the most trusted and professional way to design and organize information, in order to meet the users’ expectations and the usability best practices.

Specialists at Mash World, design websites based on research and analysis of the targetted audience’s personas. This stage assists us in laying the groundwork for a website that users find comfortable and appealing.


How to Create a Stellar UX/UI Website Design?

It is important to understand users based on insights. Which are then analyzed and developed into a user experience.

By deeply understanding clients, you can provide various scenarios that make their actions the most compelling thing to do.

Accordingly, at Mash World, we design websites using the following framework:

1. Information Architecture

We develop an information structure that specifies how the content will be conveyed to customers.

2. Wireframes

We create wireframes, that show the full user experience. This includes all possible scenarios of the full user journey from the minute a user enters the website.

3. Graphic Design

After getting approval on wireframes, we proceed to produce a graphic design version of the website.

4. Web design

Finally, we convert the graphic design into CSS HTML.



Consistent branding efforts, across multiple channels, can help you drive your revenue by up to 23%. Therefore, it’s time to create an exceptional brand identity that focuses on UI/UX branding best practices.
Feel free to check our portfolio, and reach out to our team of UI/UX professionals, who will help you create memorable digital experiences.