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  • What are the prices of web development in Jordan, KSA, Qatar, and UAE?

What are the prices of web development in Jordan, KSA, Qatar, and UAE?
What are the prices of web development in Jordan, KSA, Qatar, and UAE?

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Investing in web development is a high priority for any business owner. Considering that Over 7-billion people use the internet, website development is a vital component of any digital marketing plan. It works as a critical point of maintaining ownership of your brand’s online presence, creating brand awareness, and increasing customer engagement. Ultimately, your website needs to get ahead of the competition and stay there, which makes choosing the best website development agency to hire one of the most important decisions you will make.

But before choosing a web development agency, you need to know that numerous factors will affect how much you’ll be paying for website development services. To make an informed decision, you need to have a good understanding of what web development entails and what your requirements are.

In this article, we will be discussing website development prices in Jordan, KSA, Qatar, and UAE, and the factors affecting these prices. However, while the pricing may be specific to these regions, the general principles of website development and factors affecting its prices are universal around the world.


What is Web Development?

Many believe that web design is the beginning and end of web development. In reality, this is one lesser concern. Yes, a great-looking website does wonders to enhance your brand, but in the end, it’s mostly about getting the information to the user and making their experience as easy as possible. Hence, web development encompasses much more than what we see. A lot is going on behind the scenes and that is what influences the price.

To fully understand the topic, we need to distinguish between the two major categories that define web development:

  • Frontend Development: This is often called the client-side of a website as it is what the user sees and experiences. This is all about user interaction. It could include web design but this is not a prerequisite. Developers use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and other programming languages to provide the best user experience and define the look of the website.
  • Backend Development: This is the development that takes place on the server. It is the part of the website that users don’t see or interact with. Developers use PHP, Java, Python, Node.js, and other programming languages to store and manage the data for the best efficiency and security.

So, when choosing a web development service, you may require only Frontend (which could include web design), only backend services, or both.


Factors Influencing Website Development Prices

How much you pay for website development will be mostly dependent on the following factors:

1. Experience

Using a web development agency with a proven track record and a good reputation is worth a lot. This peace of mind can affect how much the agency charges for its services.

2. Credentials of Resources

A web development agency is only as good as the employees providing the services. Highly skilled professionals don’t come cheap and are essential to providing a quality service.

3. Type of Website

Do you want a purely informative business website, an e-commerce site, or a web app? Each type of site will require different resources. These don’t all cost the same.

4. Site Features

The complexity of the features used on a website involves time and skill. These would include:

  • SEO-friendly content, layout, and code.
  • Blogs and informative articles.
  • Promotion and discount tools for E-commerce sites.
  • Reporting tools and analytics.
  • Streamlined and secure checkout for E-commerce sites.
  • Mobile-friendly website.
  • Frequently asked questions and customer reviews.

5. Hosting

The type of web hosting (shared, VPS, or dedicated server), as well as resources (like CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth), will affect the speed and reliability of the website. However, hosting prices differ greatly. The pricing for the type of hosting you require will depend a lot on how many monthly visitors you expect, and the amount of data used for the pages. More data and/or visitors will require a better, more expensive server setup.

6. Agency Structure

The type of services that an agency offers, and how these services are structured, will affect the price. Management processes differ, a more streamlined approach could be more efficient. One agency may structure its services in the following order:

  1. Business analysis
  2. Web design
  3. Frontend development
  4. Backend development
  5. Data entry
  6. Quality Assurance
  7. Deployment
  8. Support

While another agency may offer fewer services or combine resources to simplify the process, therefore causing the price to vary.


How much does website development cost?

As we’ve established, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to web development prices.

The cost of business and e-commerce sites is relatively easy to determine within a certain range, depending on your requirements. However, web app development is more complex, as it will depend on the features.

For more detailed pricing, the web development agency will need to discuss your individual needs. This will allow for a more accurate assessment. Meanwhile, below is a general guide on what you can expect to pay for these services in Jordan, KSA, UAE, and Qatar.


Prices of Web Development in Jordan

  • Business (informative) Website: starting from 1,500 JOD to 10,000 JOD
  • E-Commerce Store: starting from 2,000 JOD to 250,000 JOD
  • Web App Development: starting from 10,000 JOD


Web Development Prices in KSA

  • Business (informative) Website: starting from 16,000 SAR to 106,000 SAR
  • E-Commerce Store: starting from 21,000 SAR to 2,700,000 SAR
  • Web App Development: starting from 106,000 SAR


Website Development Prices in Qatar

  • Business (informative) Website: starting from 16,000 QAR to 103,000 QAR
  • E-Commerce Store: starting from 21,000 QAR to 2,600,000 QAR
  • Web App Development: starting from 102,000 QAR


Website Development Prices in UAE

  • Business (informative) Website: starting from 8,000 AED to 104,000 AED
  • E-Commerce Store: starting from 10,400 AED to 2,600,000 AED
  • Web App Development: starting from 52,000 AED



When comparing web development prices, you need to take all the factors that have been mentioned into consideration. In other words, it’s all about what services you’re getting and the quality of these services.

Admittedly, it’s never easy to know what lies ahead when you make this decision. For instance, there’s a general perception that you get what you pay for, which leads to the assumption that the more expensive web development agencies are, the more superior services they provide. This might be true in many instances. However, this should not be taken as a foregone conclusion.

To ensure that you are getting genuine value, do some research into the web development services that you’re considering. Through assimilating good information, you can make an informed decision. Finally, compare web development prices between the agencies on your shortlist. These would be the agencies with the resources and experience to provide the services you require.


Photo by Farzad Nazifi on Unsplash