A leading manufacturer and exporter of natural health and beauty products from the Dead Sea. C-products is locally and internationally recognized for its superior quality of products in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Despite being well-known, the client called out Mash World to enhance their ecommerce website to increase sales.

  • Client C-PRODUCTS
  • Year 2017
  • PROJECT Web Development


C-products’ website had an old design that lacked simple and clear user experience, leading users to feel confused and abandon the website. Further, the client sells the same products with different prices, shipping methods, and payment options to each country, which led to more confusion and complexity.


  • – Built a multi website for local and international purposes with different products prices, shipping and payment method.
  • – Integrated the website with more than one shipping company with different shipping prices
  • – Created one page checkout with small steps to make it easy to use by customers.
  • – Enhanced the website design on mobile devices as 90% of website customers open it through mobile.
  • – Designed and developed the website with a rich and rewarding user experience to get visitors hooked to the brand.
  • – Integrated a number of robust features to allow easy catalogue management for the client and easy product discovery and payment for customers’ orders.
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