Dr. Mohammad Hamdan

Doctor Mohammad Hamdan is a well-known urologist in Jordan, specialized in Andrology, Adult Urology, and Adult Urology Surgery. He is Arab Board Certified and ECFMG Certified with a wide popularity and patient base across the country.

Dr.Hamdan called on Mash World to help him increase awareness as a go-to urologist in the region, in addition to driving more patients to his clinic.

  • Sector Urology Specialist
  • Year 2020


Dr. Mohammad Hamadan’s website was unoptimzied, very poor in structure, and provided low value to the visitors. After meeting with the client, we reached the conclusion that we need to exert efforts towards improving the website ranking.


Our SEO experts scrutinized the website to understand the issues that prevent it from ranking and conducted a comprehensive SEO strategy to fix each one.

  • - Improved the website’s information architecture and navigation system to make the website more usable and accessible
  • - Focused on improving the website visibility through local SEO and Google My Business
  • - Addressed all technical, on-page, and off-page issues that ailed the website’s performance, speed, and ranking
  • - Enhanced user experience and matched their intent when interacting with the website
  • - Provided keyword-rich content for website and blogs



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