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A well-known marketing and business solutions provider, using publicity stunts, record-breaking events, and more.

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  • Year 2017



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Guinness World Records™ wanted to increase traffic and leads for its business solutions in MENA region. The company was targeting the entire countries, multinationals, and enterprises with average lead generation value ranges between 30,000 to 90,000 USD. So we focused our efforts on comprehensive SEO strategies and link reclamation campaigns to:

  • Increase traffic and lead generation
  • Reclaim the biggest number of links
  • Boost ranking, authority, and relevancy

Challenges We Faced

Generating High-end Leads

Targeting high-quality leads needs extensive marketing efforts to deliver the right offer, at the right time.

Increasing Relevant Traffic

Guinness World Records™ is mostly known for its record-breaking books and events, generating traffic that is interested in the services offered by the company needed aggressive SEO strategies and link reclamation campaigns.

Sustainable Online Reputation

Keeping a positive online reputation in a fierce, competitive market across different marketing channels.

Solutions We Came Up With

Enhancing website traffic through SEO

Conducting keyword research to implement the most relevant and ranking words in content and landing pages.

On-page SEO Best Practices

We applied on-page tactics to boost ranking and online visibility through extensive SEO audits and recommendations

Link reclamation strategy

We developed effective link reclamation campaigns where we retrieved links from other websites to increase authority, trust flow, and citation flow.

Revamping content guidelines

We suggested a set of useful instructions for content creation to help the content team in producing SEO-friendly blogs and content for the record-breaking events.

The Results

We noticed an impressive increase in website traffic


Organic Traffic

4,443.51% 16,811 vs 370
New User

Organic Traffic

4,314.37% 15,671 vs 355

Organic Traffic

4,214.38% 20,105 vs 466

Organic Traffic

3,353.44% 64,164 vs 1,858

We managed to reclaim 61 links from websites with different domain authorities which led to the below results:

Citation flow


Link Volume

trust flow


Link Quality

Total Impressions and
clicks reached:





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