Top NCR (National Cash Register) POS (Point-Of-Sale) provider in Levant region

  • Client National Cash Register
  • Year 2017



Daily Leads

Over 1000%

Return On Investment



The client wanted to increase sales volume and customer base, despite the highly competitive market and very niche audience. We dedicated our efforts towards creating targeted search engine marketing campaigns with the right messaging that motivates users to take the needed action.

Challenges We Faced

Low-quality Leads

We needed to improve the quality of leads as most of them were irrelevant and didn’t convert.

Poor Conversation Rate

As a result of the low-quality leads, the conversation rate was poor and the client wasn’t getting any results from the existing marketing efforts.

Numerous Competitors

The competition was fierce with many providers for similar POS products and solutions.

Very Niche Audience

A selective audience with very specific needs which makes it harder to find and convert.

Solutions We Came Up With

Google Ads

We created intensive search engine marketing campaigns to show up in Google’s 1st page.


We added the most ranking keywords into the ads to match users’ intent, be more findable by the right audience, and increase conversion rate (Highest Budget Efficiency).


Tracking visitors and retargeting them with ads, using different marketing channels

Landing Pages Optimization

We created conversion-focused landing pages and coordinating with the sales team

Conversion Rate Optimization

Increasing the number visitors who convert into customers

The Results

Lead Generation

We helped the client to receive 2-3 daily high-end leads

Increased ROI

We managed to boost revenue to achieve over 1000% ROI

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