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Google+ vs. Facebook Social Media
Google+ vs. Facebook Social Media

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Google+ vs. Facebook Social Media

  • Facebook – Network for Friends and Family
  • Twitter – Network of Strangers
  • LinkedIn – Professional Network
  • Google+ – A Collaboration of all of the above

There was a day when people would compare Facebook and Google. Obviously, there were major differences; Google was a search engine, Facebook was a social network.

However, now Google has entered the picture with Google+, their version of a social network. Facebook and Google+ have a few more similarities and now many are asking where they should spend their time.

The answer is easy – spend your time where you will get the most value. Let me see if I can break it down into a little “nuts and bolts” explanation.

Where to Spend Your Social Networking Time

Pick the network that works for you. When I say works for you, I mean it brings in some time of return on your time investment. When evaluating social media ROI for clients I always tell them to look at the following things to determine value:

  • Increase in website visitors
  • Increase of impressions
  • Positive press mentions
  • Click-throughs
  • Positive word-of-mouth mentions
  • Employment applications submitted to your business
  • Blog mentions
  • Increased followers through social media venues such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn

When you figure out which network gives you the best results from the items above, you know the network that works best for your business. Don’t spread yourself so then that the work you put into it is ineffective. Find what works for you and invest in it – that’s the key to social media success.

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