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Why Web Analytics Is Important for SEO
Why Web Analytics Is Important for SEO

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Why Web Analytics Is Important for SEO

Without tracking your data, you won’t be able to measure it and improve it. That’s why web analytics are important because it gives you a wide insight about your website performance and SEO efforts.

And here Google analytics comes in handy. It is a free web analytics platform that is invaluable to every digital marketer in Jordan. It helps you measure your website traffic and collect important information about the website performance and visitors.

For example, you can know how many people visited your page and which page they remained on it for a long time; you can also know the visitors age and gender. It also helps you understand the performance of keywords and suggest the most used ones.

Once you know all these data, you need to improve your SEO efforts to maximize your business objectives, whether they are sales increasing, driving traffic, etc.

Let’s go through the benefits of Google analytics for your SEO strategy.

Web Analytics tells you about audience location

Knowing the audience geographical location is very important for your marketing strategy. Google Analytics allows you to understand where your audience is located. This helps you to create targeted campaigns in certain locations.

Also, you can understand if there is an option for you to grow your business in a certain location.

Track users impression

Conducting the process of web analytics can help you check users’ interaction with your post or page. You can see how many people visited your website and the duration of time spent on each page.

Also, it will allow you to know which page is receiving a high bounce rate and try to fix the issue whether it has irrelevant content, or it loads slowly, etc.

If you just published a post on your website and want to know how many people are reading it at the moment, there is an option called ‘real-time’ where you can do so. You can access data on the spot.

Know your Search engine rank

After applying SEO best practices on your website, Google analytics can give you an insight about your rank in search engines which you can use later to improve your position.

Google Analytics allows you to set your goals

Google analytics give you the option of setting your goals. Although many digital marketers overlook this option and deem it as irrelevant, it is in fact very crucial.

Without defining your goals, you won’t know if you achieved what you want and consequently Google won’t show you relevant information you need to improve the results.

Keywords Research on Google Analytics

One of the most important SEO best practices is finding the right keywords and implementing them in your content. Google Analytics allows you to explore the most used keywords that attract a huge volume of traffic.

If you are searching for keyword ‘SEO,’ Google analytics will show relevant words such as ‘SEO services’ or ‘SEO checklists’.

Keep an eye on your competitors

With Google Analytics, you can have an insight into competitors’ volume of traffic. You can use this for your advantage. If they have a bigger volume of traffic, you can check their website and see how it is different from yours, what SEO practices they follow and apply to your website.