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5 Benefits of Social Media Marketing For Businesses
5 Benefits of Social Media Marketing For Businesses

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5 Benefits of Social Media Marketing For Businesses

Social Media Marketing For Businesses, Businesses big and small are realizing the huge benefits of social media marketing and its increasing importance in the race to stay relevant and attract new customers. Long gone are the days when your secretary was the first point of contact between the outside and your company – that role is being replaced by websites and social media profiles.Did you know ?

  • 37% of internet users follow their favorite brands on social media marketing for businesses
  • 30% of internet users use social networks to research products
  • 11% of internet users say that being able to buy directly through a social network would encourage them to purchase a product

1) Establish Trust

People purchase from brands they trust. You can establish trust through social media. When people trust your brand and perceive your product or services as useful, it indirectly influences their intent to buy.

2) Build Credibility

In light establishing trust, you also build credibility through social media marketing. With increasing amounts of consumer engagement and followers, you are more likely to influence potential buyers. In fact, recent consumer research indicates that 51% of Facebook fans and 67% of Twitter followers are more likely to buy from brands they follow.

3) Enhance Brand Image

When people connect with your brand on social media marketing for businesses, you can enhance your brand image and tell your story. By communicating the meaning of your brand and sharing your story, you can establish an emotional connection with buyers.

4) Increase Brand Recognition

Over 2.8 billion people have access to Internet and 74% of online adults use social media. It is a no-brainer that your brand can leverage social media to increase brand awareness and recognition. It is important to increase the awareness of your product or service. When consumers make purchasing decisions among different options, they are more likely to select a product that they are familiar with.

5) Build Brand Equity

Large amounts of followers and interactions increase your brand equity on social media marketing for businesses. Brand equity is the value of your brand from the perception of consumers. The value of building a strong social media community will improve your brand’s worth to investors, bloggers, media, and potential customers.