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  • The SEO Company in Jordan You Will Ever Need for Your Growth

The SEO Company in Jordan You Will Ever Need for Your Growth
The SEO Company in Jordan You Will Ever Need for Your Growth

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The SEO Company in Jordan You Will Ever Need for Your Growth

A professional SEO company in Jordan will follow the process of optimizing your online content, so that a search engine likes to show it as a top result for searches of a certain keyword.

Successful Search Engine Optimization gets your Web site high rankings in the organic listings of major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing Where potential clients are looking for you.

Our SEO Services

Our team of professional SEO experts is the perfect partner for a successful business partnership.

Your best Keywords Optimization

The foundation of SEO is choosing the right keywords. We help you find the terms your potential customers are using, and make sure they have the right balance of potential traffic and competition. Also, we focus on LSI keywords and variations to make sure that your website is connected to the right audience.

SEO Competitive Analysis

Identify your top competitors, discover why they’re outranking you, and explore what you can do about it to one-up your competitors in search

Web Analytics

Google Analytics is an invaluable source of information about the traffic your website receives. A professional SEO Jordan company is aware of this. We can make sure it’s properly set up and providing you with useful information you can use to make better informed decisions.

SEO Content Writing

Creating good quality, relevant content for your site is important for your customers and the search engines. We can help you create content that is relevant for your key search terms, and converts the visitors to your site with the help of Jordan SEO best practices.

on page search engine optimization

The right On-page Optimization is crucial if you want good rankigs. We can make sure your pages tell the search engines what they’re about, in a way that that makes them as relevant as possible, without overdoing it. Having an optimized web page increases your traffic and conversion rate.

High Quality Linkbuilding

Gaining links from websites with trust and authority can push your pages to the top of the search results. Our approach to link building ensures your website develops a high quality, natural-looking link profile, for long-term rankings.

GMB Optimization

If you want to rank for searches in your local area, a properly optimized Google business listing is essential. We can ensure your listing is set up properly, verified and following Jordan SEO best practices, and show you how to make the most of this social platform.

Local SEO

Optimizing web pages to rank well for local searches is about more than just building links. Our Local SEO experience means we know what resources to use to make sure the customers on your doorstep are seeing your website. It is a first step to drive traffic.

Benefits of our SEO Professional Services

How SEO Works hand in hand with Google

Search engine optimization (SEO) requires a lot of testing, analyzing and improving. But, before talking about how to do SEO, let’s explore how it works and its relation to Google. Google (and other search engines) favors website content that benefits readers to the extent that they keep navigating through your website, turning back to it, and sharing it everywhere.

When your website has content like this, Google labels it as relevant and pushes it to higher ranks. Another thing that Google favors is authority. You may wonder what makes a website more authoritative than the other… simply many people refer to it in their blogs, websites, and different marketing channels. .

This tells Google that you’re an SEO expert and your content is so strong and valuable that people keep turning back to and referring it. Google has large quality raters (Google Search Algorithm), their mission is simply to crawl (scan) your webpage and index it (take notes). When they find SEO best practices (great content, internal & external linking, fast website loading, etc.) applied, it starts pushing up your page to higher and higher ranks.

SEO Companies in Jordan Can Increase Your Website Optimization

Now, let’s delve into the technical stuff. It is good to have a background about how SEO works. To start with, SEO is divided into three main parts: On-site and off-site SEO. Each part is important for the overall website optimization.

Long time ago, Search engine optimization (SEO) was mostly about stuffing keywords without providing the reader any value. But Google started to frown at people who did so and new best practices took place.

On-site (page) SEO

It has to do with optimizing everything on your webpage and including best on-site techniques, such as title tags, page title, URL structure, images ‘alt’ text, site spend, and SEO content (blogs, images, infographics, e-books, etc.)

You should make sure that these best practices are applied on your website. It is the first step to tell Google that you are doing a great effort. Google, on the other hand, appreciates this and will push your ranking up in its search engine.

Off-site (page) SEO

Here the focus is mainly on link building, especially backlinks.

Backlinks are simply when another page refers back to a piece of content you have written because of its value. It is pretty worthy for your website optimization because it tells Google that your content is credible, educational and relevant to users.

A Concise SEO Checklist from the Best SEO Company in Jordan

Now you have a quiet good understanding of search engine optimization (SEO), let’s go through a checklist of SEO best practices to be on the top of Google search engine.

Keyword research: the basic foundation of SEO in Jordan

Keyword research is the base of your content. Yes, you have to write valuable content, but you should also consider including SEO keywords. They are what people are looking for; they give you an insight into people’s pain points, questions, and needs.

Consider searching for long-tail keywords. They are a set of words that follow each other, for example, “SEO in Jordan 2019.” There are many tools out there to find short and long-tail keywords:

Google ‘related search’:

you can find it at the button of Google search engines and they contain questions asked by users.

Google search:

Once you write something in the Google search bar, you will find many suggestions asked by users.

Google Keyword planner:

It is designed for Google AdWords and it is a very effective tool for SEO keyword research.


It is an online community where people ask common questions, usually about something that irritates them or they need more information about. Check these questions and come up with SEO keywords and ideas.

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SEO Page Title & Headings

A simple (but effective) search engine optimization (SEO) tip is to include your keyword in your title tags (H1, H2, H3). When Google crawls your webpage, it will find the headings related to the overall content which boosts your relevancy.

Meta title & description

Meta Title: It is the HTML title that appears in search engine. You can optimize it by adding your SEO keyword in it.

Meta Description is simply a summary that describes the content in your web page in 155 characters. This description appears in search engines and it must be enticing to push reader to click on your link and not any other links.

Images optimization

All SEO experts in Jordan know that images are treated differently because Google can’t read them the way it reads texts. You should take this into consideration and write a descriptive text in the images’ ‘alt’ tags. This will also help you rank better in Image search.

5 seconds loading page equals 38% bounce rate

One of the things that prevents your website from ranking high is the loading rate. Readers don’t want to waste their time waiting for your website to load. If it slowly loads, they will simply close your website and won’t come back to it at all. Now you are left to face two disasters: loss of visitors and gain of high bounce rate (visitors opening and closing your website immediately.)

When Google notices this bad activity on your website, it pushes down your rank. It simply harms your SEO ranking. You should look into this matter and fix it, not just for desktop users, but also for mobile users (the majority).

Create Content like an SEO Expert in Jordan

By now you can imagine the importance of content for your search engine optimization (SEO) ranking. Content comes in many forms as we mentioned above.

A smart SEO company in Jordan knows the best content formation for each audience on different channels. In other words, Instagram audience prefers visual content, while Blogs audience prefers written content.

It is always great to use multimedia content for better website optimization. This or that, content must be terrific and unique. Build your authority through content, write about a topic in-depth and give a feeling that you are an SEO expert in Jordan.

Avoid TL;DR & bad spacing

Bulks of text (TL;DR) discourages users from keeping on reading and harms your SEO efforts. It is similar to making someone drink a whole bottle of water without stopping. Yes, water is good for the health, but drinking the whole thing without pausing will suffocate them!

Make sure you divide your paragraphs and vary their lengths. Ditch the way you used to write in high school and college because in Digital Marketing, writing a one-sentence paragraph is valid. Spacing is also very important; leaving white space between website elements gives a ‘space’ for users to breath.

The power of link building for SEO in Jordan

Imagine a high authority website or an SEO expert in Jordan (that Google trusts) navigates your website and one of your blog posts was good enough that this website decides to mention in their blog, it is simply the short way to rank high.

But this doesn’t come easy; you have to work hard to achieve it. You should focus on your content and make it SEO friendly, know exactly what the pain points of your readers are and provide solutions. Come up with new ideas and be creative in the way you write them.

SEO Companies in Jordan Are Affected By These Important Stats
  • Every second there are 67k searches done on Google.
  • 39% of all global ecommerce traffic comes from search.
  • 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine.
  • Nearly 80% of users ignore paid ads in search results.
  • By 2020, 50% of all searches will be done by voice.
  • Mobiles are used for 58% of searches.
  • 97% of page-one results have at least one image on the page.
  • 46% of all Google searches are local.

Mash World: Your best SEO & Online Marketing Company in Jordan & Beyond

If you don’t know why your website can’t rank in the first page in Google, Jordan SEO companies are many. But no need to get confused, you have reached the right place. We confidently have the expertise, tools, and techniques to change this awful reality into a better future.

We can offer you A-Z digital marketing services and conduct a competitor research to make sure that your website is on the top of your competitors. SEO can’t stand alone, there are many digital marketing services you need for your website to standout.

Other Digital Marketing Services We Offer


Helping you grow your business by conveying the right brand image to your target audience.

Web Design (UX/UI)

Creating your website to surpass your competitors.

Web Development

Developing a faster, secured and responsive website.

Inbound Marketing

Reaching the right audience at the right time with little cost.

SEM & Google Ads

Driving traffic by pay per click PPC.