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Responsive Website with SEO in mind
Responsive Website with SEO in mind

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Responsive Website with SEO in mind

Responsive websites are most preferable nowadays. If a website is responsive with perfect SEO then there is no going back.

Google prefers responsive sites as a solution for mobile-friendly sites. If a site is not indexed by a search engine, then it will not have visibility when someone searches for it. This is often more problematic with mobile URLs.

For any site to be indexed, the search engine needs to crawl it and follow links to all the site’s content and store the URLs. In order to check the effectiveness of your site, you can run a site crawler like Screaming Frog or SEO crawler. This will allow you to check if there is any problem with your site. This must be cross-checked with both BING and GOOGLE since both have developer tools that can check for any crawl errors.

Search Engine limits their crawl for each site, based on the site’s PAGERANK. If your site has more than one URL associated with it, then it would be more difficult, since the PAGERANK is divided between the URL.

Website owners communicate with crawlers via a SITEMAP. It is important to create a clear-cut sitemap without any crawling errors.

Google Search Engine can read only text, and it cannot use anything which it cannot see.

  • Create a site with rich content
  • Consider the right keyword that would be used to find pages on your website.
  • Make sure that you have descriptive text in the “ALT” attribute. for all images.

Mobile users tend to spend much more time on social platforms than traditional PC users, so assisting mobile users with content sharing is a good idea. Google has witnessed mobile sites with the video that is not playable so often, that it is considering penalizing sites with unplayable videos.

Google recommends the usage of HTML5 and avoids using FLASH, which is not supported by most mobile devices.

Responsive sites are often slow. This can have a harmful effect on SEO. Google penalizes sites that are slow loading. Google has provided developers with several resources to speed up their sites.

Google prefers sites at is user friendly and they don’t like to send visitors to sites that are not user-friendly. Keep all this in mind while designing a Responsive Website.